We see architecture as a series of disciplines aimed at the context and effect of a building, more than at the form itself.

Striving to create added value with everything we take on, we always consider our projects in a broad sense, creating potential that extends beyond brief or client.

We have our office in the old chicory factory ‘De Lelie’ in Flanders. which clearly illustrates our vision, with much attention to the original structure and the assets of the original building.

Each project begins with seeking evidence and we strongly believe that architectural decisions must result from the uniqueness of a particular site or program. Our projects get character by interaction between individuality and collectivity, rationality and irrationality.

Every storyline needs a logic. An architect should lay his ear to listen.

Seger Delmulle,  Architect Partner
Frank Delmulle,  Architect Partner
Siebe Vanzieleghem, Architect
Christelle Nga Mbida, Architect
Natan Van Laethem, Intern Architect
Lina Chen, Intern Architect
Arne Stroo, Student Architect
Pippa Delmulle, Office Manager

Former collaborators: Jana De Meutter, Diederik Vander Stockt, Joachim Provoost, Radka Kuchařová, May Lynn Doll, Jiří Klokočka, Mathieu De Cock, Peter Leysen, Dimitris Antoniou, Dirk Baert, Angela Blanco, Jonas Bossuyt, Rika Bruyneel, Raquel Capelo, Margarita Calero, Wim Croubels, Robin Cuvelier, Sander De Cloet, Jan De Vylder, Kriesta Delmulle, Karlijn Delobelle, Eva Dousova, Helga Duchamps, Anthony Duffeleer, Lenka Gajdošíková, Laurence Gevaert, Tom Ghyselinck, Veerle Godefroid, An Goemaere, Adam Jursa, Lukáš Klinkovský, Gaël Leung Cheung Wo, Liesbeth Matthijs, Markéta Novotná, Tim Picarelle Filip Reggers Luc Reyn, Lenka Švábková, Frederik Tomme, Hans Van Den Heede, Lieve Van De Ginste, Karel Van De Putte, Dirk Vander Borght, Eddy Vanderschelden, Kathy Vanhulle, Stephanie Versele, Veronika Veselá, Petra Voskova

BIS Architecture Award
Factory Roof Houses


Price for Architecture East- Flanders: Selection
Studio Regie, Merelbeke


Venuez Best Bar Concept: Selection
Mòris, Gent / Fuzzy Duck, Oudenaarde


Staalbouwwedstrijd 2013: Selection
Eetwinkel, Destelbergen


Belgian Price for Architecture: Selection
Rodetoren, Gent


Belgium Building Awards: Selection
Rodetoren, Gent


Brick Award
RNA, Oudenaarde


Brick Award
D&C, Oudenaarde


International Price Eternit
Wouters, Oudenaarde


Brick Award
Pijls, Oudenaarde