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factory roof houses featured on archdaily and designboom


We used the roof of a factory as a second ground level for the construction of four low-energy roof houses.


archdaily here | designboom here

shutterflats featured on archdaily


The facade of shutterflats is not static, it is constantly changing. Determined by the residents, by the moment, by the seasons, day and night. Life and building merge.


archdaily here.

lecture for bil meeting


Delmulle Delmulle explains the fascinating route from prototype to the final realisation of the Ravelijn residential care campus.

At Academiezaal, Sint- Truiden.

factory roof houses as example project spatial efficiency


With the website www.ruimtelijkrendement.be, the Flemish government wants to offer users inspiring example projects in the search for more spatial return. By compacting and interweaving functions and quality, additional space intake is avoided.


Factory Roof Houses is included as one of the example projects.


minister visits factory roof houses


The minister of environment Joke Schauvliege visits the factory roof houses with NAV, Order of Architects and local politicians.

A comfortable roof village built above a craft factory. No additional open space needs to be cut. A perfect example of pioneering developments.

expo bel:est


In the spring of 2017, architects from five Estonian and five Belgian architectural firms took a deep dive into a number of urban design and architecture problems facing the city of Brussels.


The site-specific conclusions and solutions suggested by the architects forms the core of the exhibition titled BEL:EST – A Laboratory for the City of Europe shown during the Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2017 in Estonia and at BOZAR in Brussels. More info here.

bis award


Factory roof housing is the laureate of the 2017 BIS Architecture Price! Read about it here.


Perhaps it is not a utopia: Recuperating the gigantic amount of factory roofs as a second level for housing could offer a fresh perspective on how to use our already crammed up landscape.




Rodetoren featured on the Archzine AFASIA.
Link here.

langs vlaamse wegen


On 24 may 2017, Archipel is visiting the Artist house BAGATEL on their architecture trip: Langs Vlaamse wegen #1, The Wild West. We will give a tour.


Archipel drew up a varied program impregnated with the poetry of everyday found in Flanders both architectural classics and realizations of the newest generation of architects.